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Trinium Sees Expanded Use of PC*MILER Interface

Trinium Technologies has seen an increased adoption of its web services interface with PC*MILER. The interface enable Trinium's trucking customers to automate the calculation of miles against orders and dispatch legs within Trinium TMS. The commercial mileage data enables Trinium user to improve their dispatch planning and mileage based auto-rating for customer invoicing and driver settlements.

The web services interface option requires no license purchase or hardware on the customer side, with customer simply paying a monthly subscription fee for the service.

Trinium Adds GPS Tracking to Smartphone App

PALOS VERDES, California – October 15, 2015 – Trinium Technologies, a leading provider of business software for intermodal trucking companies in the U.S. and Canada, has released the latest version of its smartphone application that includes GPS tracking.

Connected Trucks Moving to an App Based World

“Being connected” to a truck could describe the experience of driving. The ergonomics and quality of the ride, however, fall short of the ultimate motive for connecting to assets: to maximize profits.

Connecting to vehicles in this way involves use of applications and highly structured workflows to maximize the utilization and performance of assets and drivers.

Trinium Uses AlwaysUp from Core Technologies

Trinium Technologies provides business software for two primary verticals: intermodal trucking companies and fuel marketers. Its applications enable companies to reduce cost, grow revenue, and improve customer service. Customers range in size from small businesses to large enterprises with both cloud services and on-premises deployment options available.

Barry Assadi, the Chief Technical Officer at Trinium, has been using AlwaysUp since 2006. He knows AlwaysUp very well and was interviewed for this article.

CIO Panel: Mobile Apps Key to Recruiting, Retaining Younger Drivers

By: Aaron Huff of CCJ

Fleet owners and executives expect a lot from their information systems and the people responsible for keeping them up to date.

On May 6, a panel of IT leaders said they have been given a directive to attract, recruit and retain drivers with technology.

“This is the year of the driver,” said panelist Tom Benusa, chief information officer of Transport America, a truckload carrier with 1,450 trucks based in Eagan, Minn.

East Coast Warehouse & Distribution Expands Use of Trinium Applications

East Coast Warehouse & Distribution, a leading temperature controlled logistics provider located at the Port of NY/NJ, has expanded its usage of the Trinium applications suite.

Trinium Enhances Chassis Management Capabilities

Trinium Technologies, a leading provider of business software for the container drayage industry, continues to enhance all aspects of chassis management within its core transportation management system.

Trinium Experiences Record Growth of Cloud Services Offering

PALOS VERDES, California – February 6, 2015 – Trinium Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise software for the intermodal trucking industry, has reached a company milestone with its Cloud Services offering.

Trinium provides a transportation management system for intermodal truckers, container drayage operators, and logistics companies. The company’s TMS can be purchased and installed on-premises or deployed to the Cloud. For the first time since initiating its Cloud Services, Trinium now has more Cloud based customers than customers with the system installed on-premises. “The trend of offering up software via the Cloud is something we’ve prepared for. We’ve invested heavily in our data center to provide a best-of-breed hosted deployment option to our customers that enables them to focus on their core competencies of managing trucking operations”, said Michael Thomas, CEO of Trinium Technologies.

Many long standing Trinium customers that have the system installed on-premises are also considering the switch to Cloud Services. “We converted to Trinium’s Cloud service after having the system installed on our servers for years. As a transportation company, we thought it was time to get out of managing servers and other hardware. It has been a successful transition that I believe makes sense for most companies in our space”, said Robert Hooks, vice president of business development for Southwest International Freight in Dallas, Texas.

In recent year, 80-90% of new Trinium customers go straight to the Cloud. This includes larger truckers as well with dozens of users and hundreds of trucks. The company expects this trend to continue as buying expensive software licensing and managing servers is becoming a thing of the past.
About Trinium Technologies - Trinium Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise systems for intermodal trucking companies and container drayage operators. Its applications enable companies to reduce costs, grow revenue, and improve customer service., Intermodal Trucking Software, Intermodal Cloud Services.

IO Announces New Customer Wins

Trinium provides software solutions for intermodal trucking and multimodal trucking operations in the United States and Canada. Trinium’s product suite offers a mid-level enterprise system designed to optimize...

Trinium Releases Upgrade of Smart Phone App with Electronic POD and ALK® Maps Interface

PALOS VERDES, California - Trinium Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise
software for the intermodal and multi-modal trucking industries, has released a new version of TriniumMC2,
its smart phone application for drivers.