Trinium Completes First User Conference For Fuel System Customers

Palos Verdes, CA – Trinium Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise systems for the
petroleum marketing industry, has recently completely its first user conference. The conference, Trinium
Fuel Exchange 2011, was held in Sacramento, CA.

Trinium fuel system customers from all over the country attended the conference to collaborate on
product initiatives, network with industry peers, and train on product functionality. “We were impressed
with the content of the conference and were encouraged by the willingness of Trinium to collaborate with
customers on future product direction”, said Annette Couillard, fleet manager of Champlain Oil Company.
Trinium’s fuel system provides functionality to manage bulk fuel distribution, card lock processing, and
accounting. Fuel marketers of all sizes use the system to manage their integrated operations or just use a
few modules that apply to their business. The system is deployed in every major market in the U.S. and

The main focus of the user conference was to enable collaboration between Trinium and the user
community. “It is always one of the focal points with the systems we develop, enabling the customers to
determine our priorities for improvements to the core applications and on future product development”,
said Michael Thomas, CEO of Trinium Technologies.

Due to positive customer feedback, Trinium will be scheduling user conferences on an annual basis moving

About Trinium Technologies
Trinium is recognized as the industry leader in petroleum marketing systems, providing solutions for
companies ranging from single site, 3 to 5 user deployments to multi-site operations encompassing over
100 users. The company's primary focus is on driving industry best practices to assist its customers in
improving their financial results by reducing costs, growing revenues, and improving customer service. For
more information about Trinium, call (310) 214-3118, or visit Fuel Software.