Improved Chassis Management for Drayage Companies

Trinium continues to see increased usage of the chassis enhancements by its drayage customers in the U.S.

In response to intermodal industry changes regarding chassis management, Trinium added the following features to it's core TMS application used by intermodal truckers and drayage companies.

- Chassis Rental Fee Auto-rating - enables drayage companies to set-up daily chassis rental rates in Trinium based various such as customer, ocean carrier, chassis owner, shipper, consignee, chassis pool operator

- AP Invoice Reconciliation - enables drayage companies to upload chassis invoices into Trinium to automate the reconciliation and payables process. TRAC, Flexi-van, and DCLI invoices are imported into Trinium drastically reducing the administrative time required by back office staff.

- Trucker Owned/Leased Chassis - chassis owned or leased by drayage companies can be uploaded into Trinium's fleet maintenance module with reports available for visibility into of chassis locations and chassis utilization.

Improving chassis management has been a top priority of Trinium’s user advisory group. “The chassis payables enhancement will enable our customers to save time and money and will serve as an audit for them to make sure they have invoiced their customers for all the chassis usage”, said Dennis Lane, vice president of Trinium Technologies.

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