Mobile App Version Release, Trinium MC2

PALOS VERDES, California – April 17, 2017 - Trinium Technologies, a leading provider of software solutions for the intermodal trucking industry, has released a new version of its mobile app called Trinium MC2 (version 4).

Trinium currently has thousands of users of MC2 across its customer base in the U.S. and Canada. Owner operators and employ drivers use MC2 to receive dispatches, update dispatch statuses, scan documents, capture electronic signatures for POD's, and communicate with dispatchers. MC2 is tightly integrated with Trinium TMS, the company's enterprise transportation management system designed for intermodal trucking and container drayage operators. MC2 also provides GPS tracking with landmark and breadcrumb reporting. “We continue to see double digit growth in usage of our mobile apps from our customer base as drayage companies look to extend automation out to their drivers enabling more real-time data processing to their customers," said Dennis Lane, vice president of sales and marketing at Trinium Technologies.

With the majority of its users being owner operators, Trinium was focused on making the user experience more owner operator friendly by adding an optional feature that enables the owner operator to "reject" dispatch assignments with a reason code as to why. "Rejections" are immediately sent to the dispatcher with in the system so another driver can be assigned. New reports were also designed to assist management in monitoring which drivers are "rejecting" dispatches. Other enhancements of v4 include duty status notifications for ELD exempt drivers, a simplified workflow option, improved signature capture features for electronic POD's, and enhancements for domestic intermodal truckers.

About Trinium Technologies - Trinium Technologies is a leading provider of business software for intermodal trucking, container drayage, and third party logistics companies. Its applications enable companies to improve productivity, reduce costs, grow revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.