Trinium Adds GPS Tracking to Smartphone App

PALOS VERDES, California – October 15, 2015 – Trinium Technologies, a leading provider of business software for intermodal trucking companies in the U.S. and Canada, has released the latest version of its smartphone application that includes GPS tracking.

Trinium’s core business is providing enterprise software for harbor and rail drayage companies. The company also provides a smartphone application for drivers called Trinium MC2. MC2 is a web based mobile application used by over 2,500 drivers in various intermodal markets throughout the U.S. and Canada. MC2 functionality includes dispatch workflow pre-integrated with Trinium-TMS and electronic proof of delivery with sign on screen and camera functions. The version 3 highlights include GPS tracking and mapping for improved dispatch visibility and landmark/breadcrumb trail reporting to assist with waiting time monitoring. “The latest version of MC2 has enabled better visibility in dispatch for planning purposes and has helped us improve the speed and accuracy of documenting driver waiting time for invoicing and settlements”, said Richard Norton, vice president of operations at GSC Logistics.

Trinium’s web based approach to mobile apps is unique to the company’s primary market of intermodal trucking companies. “The web-based approach with mobile apps has enabled us to provide a BYOD (bring your own device) option to the intermodal market that is largely owner-operator based. Our customers do not have to provide phones or any other hardware to their drivers, any smartphone is compatible. BYOD might be the most popular feature of the MC2”, said Dennis Lane, vice president at Trinium Technologies.

Trinium MC2 is available on a monthly subscription basis and is compatible with any smartphone or tablet.

About Trinium Technologies - Trinium Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise systems for intermodal trucking, container drayage, and third party logistics companies. Its applications enable companies to improve productivity, reduce costs, grow revenue, and improve customer service.