Trinium EDI - 176 Trading Partners and Counting

Are you doing EDI now? Your competition most likely is. The most common EDI transaction sets for intermodal trucking companies are 204's - uploading customer orders, 214's - sending automated status updates to customers, and 210's - sending electronic invoices to customers.

Trinium's 176 EDI Trading Partners by market segment:
• 18 Freight Forwarders
• 15 IMC's (intermodal marketing companies)
• 17 Ocean Carriers
• 126 Shippers/Importers/Exporters/BCO's

Trinium continues to expand it's library of EDI transaction sets with trading partners in the intermodal space. Whether a trucker is focused on the domestic intermodal market dealing with IMC's/domestic shippers or focused on the international market dealing with ocean carriers, freight forwarders, importers, and exporters...Trinium's EDI capabilities can assist. The value is clear...automating internal business processes and differentiating yourselves as an EDI-capable drayage company will enable you to attract and attain more volume and potentially higher paying business.

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