Trinium Reaches 150,000 Container Milestone with Tracing App

PALOS VERDES, California – August 17, 2016 - Trinium Technologies, a leading provider of business software for the intermodal trucking industry, has reached a new milestone with its intermodal container tracing service, called Trinium Availability Manager.

Trinium reached a milestone for container tracing volume with over 150,000 containers traced in July 2016 as more and more customers adopt the company’s tracing service called Trinium Availability Manager. The tracing service enables Trinium-TMS and third party trucking and logistics applications to interface with over 60 marine terminal and rail web sites to track and trace international containers and domestic intermodal trailers. Availability Manager can easily be deployed to any Trinium TMS customer and is also available via a web services integration with third party trucking and logistics systems. “We continue to see growth in the adoption of Availability Manager within our TMS user base and with trucking and logistics companies that don’t use our TMS as all companies in the intermodal supply chain look to automate the cumbersome process of tracing containers,” said Dennis Lane, vice president of sale and marketing at Trinium Technologies.

Trinium Availability Manger customers include harbor draymen, rail draymen, 3PL’s, freight forwarders, IMC’s, and NVOCC’s. Container tracing data includes ETA’s, arrival notifications, departure notifications, last free day demurrage/rail storage, hold statuses, customs releases, and freight releases. The service saves time, reduces costs, and improves data accuracy and timeliness.

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