Trinium Releases Carrier Connectivity Tools for Brokerage Operations

PALOS VERDES, California - Trinium Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise
software for the trucking industry, has released new tools to assist truck brokerage operations to improve
connectivity with their third party carriers.

The release of the new connectivity tools is based on growing demand for brokerage functionality among
the Trinium trucking customer user base and the general market. The new functionality enables the
brokerage operation to more efficiently communicate with its third party trucking partners. The third
party trucker can either elect to communicate via EDI or via a web portal.

The Trinium Carrier Portal is a web-based application that operates as an extension of the base enterprise
system, Trinium-TMS. Through a secure sign-on, carriers can view order details, download order data,
and update order status and reference data. Phase 2 of the release will also enable the carrier to upload
their scanned documents and process invoices in the portal. All updates are immediately seen in TriniumTMS,
by the brokerage operation. Another option is for the broker to offer Carrier EDI to its third party
carriers. Once carriers are assigned to loads, Trinium can send a load tender (EDI 204) to the carrier and
receive status updates from the carrier via EDI 214’s.

“The net result of using the Trinium Carrier Portal and Carrier EDI, is a drastic improvement of data flow
that will result in more timely communication with the ultimate customer. Our customers should also see
a reduction in the billing cycle, which will improve cash flow,” said Dennis Lane, vice president of Trinium

About Trinium Technologies - Trinium Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise systems for
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