Trinium Releases Management Dashboard

PALOS VERDES, California – Trinium Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise
systems for the intermodal trucking industry, has released a Management Dashboard application as the
newest addition to its transportation management system. The dashboard product was a collaborative
effort between the Trinium product team and its user advisory group of customers.

The Trinium Management Dashboard is designed to meet the needs of both managers and front end
system users with various job roles including customer service, dispatch operations, and accounting.
Unlike a traditional dashboard that provides after the fact financial data for executives, the Trinium
Management Dashboard aims to provide the front end user with the capability to configure key
performance indicators on screen that enable them to proactively manage their work assignments.
Customer service reps can configure order queues on screen to determine their workload by customer or
view real-time data updates from port and rail web sites to automate the availability and scheduling
process. Dispatchers can view summarized operational data based on customer, order type, schedule, etc
with drill down capabilities into the dispatch screen. Executives can configure KPI that is more relevant to
their role; top 10 customers by revenue, top 10 customers by margin, summarized terminal performance,

“We anticipate that this will change the way we operate within Trinium. Their dashboard concept will
enable our staff to better prioritize their workload and provide our management team with easy access to
KPI to run our business,” said Chris Redlew, Vice President of Pacific Transfer.

About Trinium Technologies - Trinium Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise systems for
intermodal and multi-modal trucking companies. The company assists trucking companies to reduce
costs, grow revenue, and improve customer service. Trucking companies of all sizes in North America use
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