Trinium Releases v7 of its Transportation Management System

PALOS VERDES, California - Trinium Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise
systems for the trucking industry, has released version 7 of its transportation management system. Since
2000, Trinium has developed systems for intermodal and multi-modal trucking companies to assist them
in streamlining operations, improving productivity and cash flow, and enabling improved visibility for their

Trinium introduced the new version at the company’s user conference in Long Beach, California, May 10-
11. The conference was well attended with half the company’s trucking customers represented. The
upgrade contains over 150 functional enhancements to the system, with dozens of customers in the
process of deploying the upgrade to take advantage of the new functionality. “Our goal is to consistently
deploy practical functionality for our customers’ end users and managers, the people that use the system
every day to run their business. These are the people that drive our product development strategy,” said
Michael Thomas, CEO of Trinium Technologies.

The version 7 release includes enhancements to intermodal equipment matching capabilities, enhanced
chassis monitoring functions, management and end user dashboards, additional onboard computer
interfaces, new end user tips throughout the system, and dozens of other enhancements, largely derived
from customer feedback.

About Trinium Technologies - Trinium Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise systems for
intermodal and multi-modal trucking companies. The company assists trucking companies to reduce
costs, grow revenue, and improve customer service. The company has customer installations of all sizes
throughout the U.S. and Canada. Intermodal Trucking Software.