Trinium’s Availability Manager Traces Over 100,000 Containers in April

PALOS VERDES, California - Trinium Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise systems
for the trucking industry, has reached a new milestone with its intermodal container tracing service, called
Availability Manager. Trinium has provided enterprise software to the intermodal trucking industry since

In April 2013, Trinium’s Availability Manager service traced over 100,000 unique containers for the first
time. Port and rail drayage companies are tasked with the cumbersome process of manually tracing
intermodal containers on port and rail web sites to determine customer appointments and dispatch
scheduling. Availability Manager completely automates this process by integrating the Trinium
transportation management system to over 70 port and rail web sites across the U.S. and Canada, saving
trucking companies time and money. “The efficiency gains with Availability Manager are real and
immediate as every intermodal trucker is required to trace containers as part of their service offering. We
continue to see growth in trace volume as more and more customers adopt this technology,” said Michael
Thomas, CEO of Trinium Technologies.

Trinium also provides Availability Manger as a web services offering to intermodal truckers not using
Trinium’s TMS, 3PL’s, forwarders, IMC’s, and NVOCC’s. Any company in the intermodal container supply
chain can benefit from the automated data flow provided by Availability Manager.

About Trinium Technologies - Trinium Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise systems for
intermodal and multi-modal trucking companies. The company assists trucking companies to reduce
costs, grow revenue, and improve customer service. The company has customer installations of all sizes
throughout the U.S. and Canada. Intermodal Trucking Software.